Boron-Nitride-Coating Grade C
• high temperature release agent
• for bending glass
• for high-grade steel and ceramic forrms
• application up to 700°C (1292°F)
• shows good high temperature lubrcating qualities
• contains "white graphite"


Boron-Nitride-Coating Grade C is a solvent-free high temperature release and lubricating agent on water base. It serves for the coating of forms from metal and ceramics, which are used for bending glass. Boron-Nitride-Coating Grade C can be used for all bending processes and bending temperatures up to a maximum temperature of 700°C. The viscosity of the chosen glass should be in the range of 8 - 10 dPa·s. For viscosities < 8 dPa·s there is a tendency of the glass to stick to the boron nitride coating. Preferred temperature ranges are given in a diagram. With the use of Boron-Nitride-Coating Grade C no traces will occur on the glass if the bending radius is not too extreme and the bending temperature not too high. Practical experiences showed that a coating can be used for up to 200-300 bending processes.


• The surface to be coated should be clean and grease-free, perhaps wash off with acetone.
• Boron-Nitride-Coating Grade C in the as received consistency can be diluted with up to 20% distilled water if necessary.
• Application is possible by brushing using a very fine brush or by spraying.
• Subsequently drying process in a drying cabinet is required for approx. 30 minutes with 150°C (301°F).
• For the activation of the refractory binder the coated form without glass should be heated up to 700°C (1292°F), then cool down to room temperature.
• Coating may be polished and smoothed with hand or with fine steel wool. Boron-Nitride-Coating Grade C is now ready for use, the coated form with the glass can be heated up to the bending temperature.
• Damages of the coating can be recovered by recoating by brush with Boron-Nitride-Coating Grade C.

Storage-Container Size

Boron-Nitride-Coating Grade C must be protected against frost. A storage temperature of >5°C (>41°F) is recommended. The containers should be kept closed. Boron-Nitride-Coating Grade C is available in 0.5kg-containers and 1kg-containers.

Technical Data



Ceramic Constituent

Boron nitride

Solid Content (boron nitride)



1.15 g/cm³

Temperature (max. Application)

700°C (1292°F) (at air)


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