Yttrium-Oxide-Coating YO-E
• extremely refractory material
• for high temperature appications up to 2200°C (3992°F)
• thermodynamically most stable oxide
• stable with most reactive metals and alloys
• quick drying formulation
• contains high purity (99.99%) yttrium oxide


Yttrium-Oxide-Coating YO-E is a special coating based on high purity yttrium oxide (Y2O3-Content 99.99%). Yttrium oxide is the thermodynamically most stable oxide and is suitable for extreme operation conditions. This coating - similar to house paints - on water base shows an extremly good stability with reactive melts such as Ti, Cr, Zr, Hf and Nb and can applied on ceramics, graphite and steel.

With Yttrium-Oxide-Coating YO-E high purity melts can be produced in a very simple way. Therfore it finds application both within the area of reserach and development as well as in production, for example with the investment casting of Ti-alloys.

Yttrium-Oxide-Coating YO-E can be used both at air as well as in the vacuum and inert gas to 2200°C (3992°F). On graphite an application to approximetaly 1550°C (2822°F) is possible.


• Resuspend or shake Yttrium-Oxide-Coating YO-E prior to use. Dilute with ethanol if necessary.
• Apply coating on clean surfaces by brushing or spraying. Additional layers may be applied after drying.
• A thin coating application (<200µm,) is favourable. With a thick coating application exists the danger of cracking and chipping off.

Storage-Container Size

Keep container tightly closed and store product in a well ventilated and cool place. Yttrium-Oxide-Coating YO-E is available in containers of 1000ml.

Technical Data



Ceramic Constituent

Yttrium oxide (99.99%)

Solid Content (Yttrium oxide)



1.3 g/cm³

Temperature (max. Application)

2200°C (3992°F) (at air, vacuum, inert gas)

1550°C (2822°C) (on graphite)


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